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Bangladesh Street Kids Aid


Creative Youth Empowerment



    What happens when you teach a street child to skateboard? Instantaneously, you see joy, curiosity, and inspiration. As they become more involved, you see increasing levels of energy, confidence, positive risk-taking behaviors, creativity, self-expression, companionship, and so much more. When you teach a street child to skateboard, behind their big smiles, you see hope and enormous potential. 


Currently 600,000 children live and work on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are physically, mentally, and emotionally mistreated by mainstream society.  The current services that are being offered by existing NGOs in Bangladesh are very basic and most schools will not grant them admission because they are “working children”.  These children face severe neglect on many levels: not having access to food, being locked out of their homes while their parents are at work, roaming the streets and marketplaces alone, and in most cases sleeping on the streets at night.  They beg and even steal for their daily needs and even become addicted to harmful inhalants that they abuse to kill hunger pains and relieve stress.  These children enjoy the freedom of being able to roam the streets rather than having to sit in their small single tin room located in extremely polluted slum areas and wait for their working parents to come home late at night.  Many of their parents also beg for a living or abuse drugs themselves.  Although there are free schools located throughout the slum areas, getting the kids to attend is a huge challenge.  Not only do they want to be able to run and play and be kids, but they spend most of their time having to work or beg to provide for themselves.


BSKA is reaching the children who have fallen through the gaps of existing services by connecting with them in a unique way.  We let them be kids by offering them opportunities to skate, color, and just plain have fun in a supportive and safe environment.  Through skateboarding sessions, school visits, provision of basic and emergency medical care, food programs, and art sessions, we build rapport, get to know each of our kids and thoroughly understand each of their unique situations and the barriers that they face.  Our mentoring programs provide our kids with the interpersonal skills they need to maintain healthy relationships with others and become successful in whatever they choose to pursue in life.  The creative outlets provided by BSKA give them the confidence to overcome life's obstacles, unleash their latent dreams, and realize their potential.

What we do

Skateboarding Lessons for Marginalized Children


Our skateboarding programs allow street children in Bangladesh to build their confidence and reconnect with their communities in a positive way

Back to School


We connect children with schools they have easy access to, stay in touch with their teachers, and provide any school fees, uniforms, and supplies to ensure their success.



Being successful in school and having enough energy to engage in organized sports requires proper nutrition.  We provide hot meals for our kids, and groceries for those whose families are faced with extreme poverty.

Drug Awareness/Mentorship Programs


Our mentorship programs provide the support and education needed for our kids to cease repeated drug abuse of extremely harmful inhalants.  Our sports programs keep our kids active and healthy.

Art Programs


Throughout our years working with street children, we have witnessed the powerful effect of art on the focus, calmness, confidence, and creative expression of our kids.

Emergency Medical Assistance


We offer life saving medical treatment whenever we find any of our kids in desperate situations.  Even while waiting to see a doctor, we keep our BSKA kids mentally stimulated and surrounded by people who care in order to instill a positive attitude no matter what life throws at them.  


Check out our BSKA Documentary "Latent Dream" - Created by Aysha Monica and her team at Facecard Productions in Bangladesh

Find Out More


We are a nonprofit organization focused on providing educational, sports, and creative arts opportunities for the marginalized children of Bangladesh.  

Get Involved


Whether you are a teacher, skateboarder, artist, musician, environmentalist, media professional, Yoga instructor, or just an awesome human being, BSKA has a place for you to get involved and inspire the youth and communities we serve!

Thank You


Whether you help through skateboarding equipment or monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.